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Texas Style Whiskey &
Mesquite Smoked BBQ



Traditional bbq is fine, but it's even better when offered in a whole new way of taste, style & appe

 Traditional bar-b-q is fine, but it's even better when offered in a whole new way of taste, texture, style & appearance! 


 Good quality must first come from a good quality source and we are that source! Choose us and you will see why! 


 Need a qualified bar-b-q vendor? When it comes to events, we got you covered! Call today and let us know about your special event! 


Menu / Price List


Here's a few reasons why!


  • Super friendly down to earth staff! Who's not happy around bar-b-q?
  • Top to bottom clean and sanitized workstation!
  • Knowledgeable in the danger & control of food born illnesses/pathogens!
  • Professional friendly attitude towards all customers/neighbors!
  • Trained in choosing safe, quality products!
  • Always happy to participate when able! (non-profit sectors)
  • Understands adjustments needed according to crowd numbers/types!
  • Basically, the best booth of people you could have around! In a nutshell of course!!!


smoked brisket and bar-b-q booth

Stomach Growling Yet?

Catering/What To Expect

  If your looking for great unique BBQ for your next event, look no further! Whether it be a wedding, reunion, company, church or just a family gathering, we can set that up for you in no time. 

  Because our catering service comes with the complete menu, we only offer that service as a complete booth set up. We do not set up servicing tables with food warmers. You get the full booth, smokers and the whole 9 yards package with us, plus our complete menu! Simply walk up to the booth and tell us what you want, just like a festival. Not to worry! We will stick around as long as your still eating or the food is all gone, day or night! We move our lines pretty quick, so no standing around waiting to long!



Individual Smoked Brisket Order:  $10 Lb - Min. 1 Brisket - Pick-Up Price

NOTE: 1 Brisket Will Yield 25-35 Servings

Individual Chop-Stick Trail Order: (Min.) 30 - $3 Each - Pick-Up Price

Cater Your Event Of 35-50 People: $18 A Head Complete Set-Up

Cater Your Event Of 51-75 People: $16 A Head Complete Set-Up

Cater Your Event Of 76-100 People: $14 A Head Complete Set-Up

Cater Your Event Of 101 Or More People: $12 A Head Complete Set-Up

Have something else for your event in mind? Drop us a line and let's put it together!

NOTE: Delivery Price Will Apply To Individual Orders And Individual Orders Will Only Consist Of Whole Brisket & Chop-Stick Trail Only And Must Be Paid In Full At Time Of Order Before!

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