2018 #1 IN BRISKET
Texas Style Whiskey & Mesquite Smoked BBQ!

Coming Soon To: 

Olde Security Flea Market  Off Hwy 105

Texas BBQ At It's Finest!

- It's Not A Job, It's A Passion -

Mastering the art of brisket is no easy task! It takes patience , time and a whole lot of love! By being your own worst critic, we have done just that! 

Once we have achieved our goal of the perfect smoked brisket, we knew that we must share it with all who have a love for smoked BBQ and who know what true quality, taste and tenderness is all about!

We are 100% sure, that once you have tasted our whiskey & mesquite smoked BBQ, you will be a fan for life! It's so good, that you don't even need sauce! Our meat is slow smoked in our pure maple wood smokers! 

That's right our smoker boxes are built from pure maple wood! By incorporating this historical method of smoking, we are able to produce the finest most flavor-packed meats on the market today! Ranking 2018's #1 food vendor at every show!

At The Cow & Pals , you will always be in good hands, making sure you get the best of the best every time, is not only our job, it's what we do and we're dang good at it according to all who have eaten it!

Thank you and enjoy the satisfaction of good, wholesome, tasty Texas BBQ!


Service Area: Conroe-Willis-Cleveland-The Woodlands-Spring-Magnolia


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